• The Giersch business is supported by 25 business representations and representatives in Germany, subsidiaries and representations in Poland, Russia, China, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia and the Baltic States.
  • Giersch has distributors in more than 50 other countries, which is a great network to ensure optimum customer service, flexible action and proximity to customers.
  • As a specialist in high-quality and low-emission technology, Giersch designs, develops and manufactures oil, gas and dual fuel burners.
  • The Giersch products are used in the commercial, industrial and private sectors.
  • The power range of Giersch systems is from 7 kW to 2800 kW.
  • Giersch is a member of Federal Heat Pump Association (BWP), the Renewable Energy Efficiency Association (BDH) and the Local Employers Association (MAV).
  • The quality management of Giersch is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.
  • Approximately 100 highly specialized technicians, designers and engineers work in the process of product development at Weishaupt Research and Development Center, taking them from the drawing board and moving them to the production line.
  • The centre of R&D is a reliable basis for Weishaupt technology.
  • The Weishaupt Group employs more than 3400 people around the world.
  • The Schwendi Research and Development centre covers an area of more than 5000 m².
  • Approximately 1000 people work in the main German factory in Schwendi.
  • The test equipment includes a huge range of power between 1.9 and 20.000 kW.
  • Weishaupt has a network of 29 branches and agencies in Germany.
  • Around the world there are 21 Weishaupt group branches.
  • Weishaupt has offices and agencies in 38 countries.

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